wood grain transfer printing machine for steel doors

The steel door vacuum transfer printing machine is widely used for steel security door,steel-wood door,steel door,fire door,aluminum door,stainless door,large iron gate, whole set metal door,single leaf metal door, double sides steel door,molded steel door, and metal door body and aluminium sheets into wood effect finish decoration.

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This kind of vacuum transfer printing machine (wood effect decoration machine for steel doors) is multi-function decoration machine for whole set steel door,mold steel door, steel door frame, steel sheet and embossed steel sheet,cupboard door, which is high efficiency (double alternative working tables). It takes 5~8mins to finish whole set steel door wood effect decoration.

Working principle:

Vacuum transfer printing is a sublimation between the special inks and a powder coated substrate. At the appropriate temperature and pressure, the pigment inks transfer from a paper or a film are absorbed into the powder coating layer. Photographic reproduction of any pattern is possible. This kind of metal surface decoration is popular and widely be applied.

Features & Advantages:

Perfect decoration effect: Wood effect decoration is good, clear patterns,strong adhesion,without decoration leakage on deep slot,corner turns


Low cost and high efficiency :Compared to original manual transfer printing method,no need glue,this new type transfer printing machine has two working tables (alternative working),1~2 workers enough to finish the whole working process. It takes 5~8 mins to finish wood effect decoration process,open the working table,the transfer paper will drop off automatically,no any additional working process.



1)The vacuum suction use special fluorine silicone material,good adsorption,heat resistance and long life time

2) Electric control system adopts domestic and foreign well-known brands which is safe and reliable.Ensure the transfer printing machine running safely and effectively,reduce frequency and cost of maintenance.

  1. Easy operation: It is very easy to operate this machine,no need more technical training.



steel doors, aluminium doors, steel and aluminiun sheets, embossed steel sheets

heat transfer printing machine size

customized the heat transfer printing machine size according to maximum product size

heating energy

electricity is better for this small machine

Land required (L*W*H)


Labor required (persons)


Vacuuming system

2 sets hydraulic

Silicone membrane working table

2 sets

Heat preservation device

2 sets

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