Wood effect sublimation machine suction heads type for aluminium profiles

Wood effect decoration plant is special for aluminium profiles, tubes,pipes,frames,aluminium windows and doors into wood effect finish,which is not easy to fade, the wood grain is realistic, and the product looks fancy.

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Wood effect decoration plant:

We have two kinds of wood effect machine, one is for suction heads type,the other type is silicon membrane.We recommend the silicone membrane type for you,which use transfer paper by vacuum transfer printing. This kind of transfer printing machine is vacuum by silicon membrane.


Working principle:

Vacuum transfer printing is a sublimation between the special inks and a powder coated substrate. At the appropriate temperature and pressure, the pigment inks transfer from a paper or a film are absorbed into the powder coating layer. Photographic reproduction of any pattern is possible. This kind of metal surface decoration is popular and widely be applied.

Individual suction heads type design:

Suction heads type wood finish machine


  • Suction heads type wood finish machine is good at aluminum profile , aluminum tubes wood grain effect transfer, maximum size is 160mm wide*100mm height
  • Suction heads type wood finish machine has three layers vacuum suctionheads, if aluminum profiles/tubes is big, one time can use one layer or two layers only; if profile/tubes is smaller, one vacuum head is suitable for multiple aluminum profiles/tubes.

steel doors, aluminium profiles, aluminium tubes, round pipes,aluminium windows and frames.

heating energy

Natural gas, LPG,diesel oil or electricity

Wood finish machien size (L*W*H)

L28500m*W2100mm*H3000mm, or customized

Labor required (persons)


Vacuuming system

2 sets hydraulic

Working table

2 sets, silicone membrane type working table for sheets and doors, and suction heads type for aluminium profiles and windows,and frame.depend on your choice.

Heat preservation device

2 sets

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