Why plastic automatic powder coating booth is more popular?

The modern automatic powder coating booth are constructed with non-conductive plastic wall, which greatly prevent powder accumulation.

Traditional sheet metal booth walls are conductive and attract charged powder particles that accumulate in thick layers on their surface. Our plastic walls are anti-static and do not attract powder, allows only a small amount of powder particles deposits on the walls, moreover, the charge of the deposited particles create an electric field that repels powder.

1.Easy and Quick Color Change

Plastic powder booth has very low powder accumulation, therefore color changes are speeded up because the booth can be cleaned much faster and easier. As minimal impact on interrupting production. plastic powder booth maximize production efficiency.

2.Powder Saving

As less powders accumulates on the wall and the deposit particles can be easily removed, more overspray powders recovered and reused. With reduced color change times, we are able to reclaim powder more often rather than spray to waste.

3.Cleaner Working Condition

This system has only a minimum powder accumulation inside the booth.  During color change the operator does not need to remove thick layers of powder inside the booth.  The operator’s health is much better protected, and the risk of powder escaping and contaminating the environment is minimized.

Our Plastic powder coating booths are designed with self cleaning floor, the air cleaning system effectively remove the powder accumulated on the booth floor and push it to the cyclone recovery system. Our powder coating booth is your first choice applied in automatic system that maximizes cleaning efficiency and powder recovery rate.

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