Powder Coating with Industrial Robot | Automatic, Flexible, Efficient

If you are looking to improve powder coating operations for parts of all sizes and shapes you can turn to advanced robotic technology to increase finishing quality, consistency and throughput, while dramatically lowering operating costs and decreasing wasted material and dusty environments for human workers.

Advances of Powder Coating with Robot

Easy to install and program, robots are fast, reliable and can apply the exact same high-quality finish time after time without tiring.

Robotic painting provides an estimated 25-30% paint savings over a manual process, providing a very quick Return on Investment (ROI).

Robot powde coating improve safety by reducing the exposure of human workers to powder dust and other environmental risks, as well as by reducing repetitive motion injuries.

The flexible coating robots can efficiently coat intricate parts with recesses, curved and contoured surfaces, and idea for touching pipelines that is hard for humans.

Robots can be used for primer, base coat, finish coat, clear coat and spray dispensing, using water-based, solvent-based, powder, glaze and glue/adhesive materials.

For powder application processes, the techologies and devices related to powder coating should be considered to coordinate with robotic operation. our automatic guns, controller, nozzles, pumps all delivers high performance for robot coating operation

  1. Guns are suitable for plastic and metallic powders based on the latest spraying technology.
  2. Robust spraying guns with a large selection of nozzles and are an important key to mastering complex coating requirements.
  3. The high transfer efficiency significantly increases the productivity of the system and the low weight is also suitable for coating robots with a low payload.
  4. The internal installation of hose, pneumatic and power lines means that they are guided centrally within the robot arm that gives the robot complete mobility.
  5. In over long periods coating time, ourpump technology always achieves constant and reproducible quality. Long hose lengths and bends in the robot arm have no impact on powder output.
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