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PLC control reciprocator

PLC control reciprocator

plc control reciprocator

The PLC control Reciprocator is used for smooth movements of Guns for Application of Liquid Paintor Powder Coating at Various Speeds & Stroke Length to Suit Conveyor speed& Jig Height Respectively.The spraying guns are mounted on an arm extended from a carriage. It is programmedto move in required stroke lengths & speeds depending on object height for up& down movements of guns & conveyor speed.The PLC based smart control and keypad enables you to punch in user-friendly.

powder coating reciprocator specifications:

1) Power supply: AC220 - 240 V, 50 - 60Hz

2) Power of motor: 0.75kW/1.1kW

3) Reduction rate of reducer: 1:15

4) Stroke: max. 1,300mm, adjustable

5) Product height: max. 2,200mm

6) Speed: 0 - 0.5m/s (0 - 30m/min)

Delivery time: 7 days